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     n Valentines Day 1990, Karen’s soon-to-be husband, Scott, gave her the New Basics
Cookbook. She started cooking, having parties, making intricate and time-consuming little hors d’oeuvres for everyone’s enjoyment. Soon after, she decided that cooking school was in her future. She went to The New York Restaurant School in Manhattan
for a 6 month program, and was then offered an internship at the renowned Abigail Kirsch Catering in Tarrytown, New York. After her 2 month internship was over, Karen was hired to stay on. She worked in the “on-premise” catering department, prepping
food for hundreds of weddings and parties, and eventually became one of the head chefs in charge of events. She stayed on at Abigail Kirsch for two years, and then left to start her own catering company. Karen catered throughout the Fairfield
and Westchester Counties for many years on a small scale so that she
could have time for her family and other interests. At the request
of some of her friends, she put together a few cooking classes,
and found that it was the perfect fit for her. Word started
to spread, classes were filling up and soon it became
a new direction.  Karen has been teaching classes
for many years now, and is constantly coming
up with new class topics and recipes to share.
She especially loves to hear about her “students”
kitchen adventures when they cook the recipes
for their families and friends.